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Dreams Come True

Nanobay_workstationI’m reading the bestselling book, 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss, and find it a great tool for asking the important questions about what we want in life. Instead of working long hours for a paycheck and waiting until retirement to fulfill dreams, Ferriss suggests we reevaluate our needs and desires as we go along and make some dreams come true sooner rather than later.

As for his premise that we can all work only 4 hours a week, I’m not sure it applies to everyone. He’s single and can live his unusual lifestyle without worrying about the complications of family, mortgage or tuition bills to pay, elderly parents to be concerned about, schools for the kids, etc. But he does make a good point of really thinking through what’s important and then figuring out a way to have it. Nothing wrong with that. And maybe in the process design a job that only requires you to work 4 hours a week. (That’s what I’m aiming for!)

Don’t wait until next year to think about your dreams. Start now and make them happen sooner. If you’re dream is to change jobs, there’s lots of good advice at CannonCareerCenter.com.

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