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Transitions Can Be Challenging

No matter how excited you are about starting a new job or going back to school, making the change can sometimes prove challenging.

Maybe you have to get up earlier because your commute is longer. Or you’re moving from a small company to a larger one and you will now be working in a cubical rather than have your own office. Or maybe you’ve come from a job where your business attire was a little more or less formal than the new company. All of these can put stress on you as you adjust.

Whatever new challenges you face, you should be gentle on yourself the first few weeks. Don’t get stressed because you don’t know the ropes at the new company or the assignment schedule back in school. All the changes of starting sometime new can make you tired, irritable or short-tempered — none of which are good for giving a first impression.

Breathe deeply when you feel yourself getting edgy. In due time you’ll be in the know. Transitions can be difficult, so congratulate yourself on starting something new.


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